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Am I a candidate?

***If you are not a patient at Charron Vision Therapy, we will not prescribe or sell this home vision therapy kit to you.  If you would like to be tested to determine if you are a candidate please start by scheduling an eye exam first.

***If you, however, received this link from Dr. Charron's office because you or your child are a candidate, all of the information is below. 

compatible with the following devices

✔ iPad​

✔ Android

✔ Chromebook

✔ Windows 7-10

✔ Mac OSx

✔ Any other devices with screen 7.5 in. or greater

Home Vision Therapy (HTS)


  • At the cart, select whether you want to pick up the kit in our office or have it shipped directly to your home.

  • Once you get the product, simply download the software and begin doing the activities each day.

  • Our doctor and staff will be able to see a log of your performance and can modify activities and duration.

  • One month later, we will contact you to schedule a complimentary progress evaluation with Dr. Charron

what's included

  • Your first vision therapy kit containing everything you    need to immediately start vision therapy at home.

  • HTS2 maintains a toll-free tech support line to assist YOU with any computer related issues they may encounter.

  • The ease of operation, proven efficacy, automatic monitoring, and affordable price NOW AVAILABLE.

hts image 1.jpg


  • Easy to Use and Implement... Simply click a button to      activate the menu-driven procedures.HTS2 automatically      guides you or your child through the therapy protocol as goals are achieved.

  • Proven Effective... More than 2,000 Doctors are currently using HTS2.

  • Tens of thousand of patients have successfully completed the HTS2 therapy protocols and have had their symptoms alleviated.

  • Free Technical Support... HTS2 offers a toll-free support line to answer any computer related questions you have.

hts image 2.jpg


HTS2 presents you and the optometrist with bar graphs showing therapy goals.  Performances from their last and current sessions are displayed. HTS2 virtually “pats the patient on the back” encouraging them to try harder.

hts image 3 motivation.jpg

monitoring from the doctor

The HTS2 program provides graphs depicting each session’s performance.  The program displays date, time, duration and performance of each therapy session. HTS2 denotes when your patient has performed therapy and also if it was performed correctly.

hts image 4 - monitoring.jpg
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