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HTS 2 is a home vision therapy software designed for patients aged 7 to 50 years old.


This program is not designed to take the place of in-office vision therapy but it has been shown to help alleviate the following problems when eyeglasses or contact lenses alone cannot help:


  • eye strain
  • computer vision syndrome
  • headaches due to visual problems like convergence an accommodative disorders
  • fatigue when using the computer or reading
  • excessive blinking, tearing or pain in the eyes when reading or using a screen.



How many minutes per day do I spend on HTS2?

It varies depending on the case, but generally 15-20 minutes per session.


Is this for "lazy eye"?  

HTS2 is not the primary treatment for lazy eye but if you have done office based vision therapy with us and are looking for a way to maintain the improvements you've made, HTS2 is a great home program.


Will the benefits hold up even after I'm done with HTS2?

Yes that is the idea.  While we can't guarantee that the problem will be resolved for a lifetime, usually the benefits remain for years. 


How long does the entire program take?

Most patients (if they use it every day) will take around 3 to 6 months. 


Do I need to watch my child if he/she is doing HTS?  

No.  Not usually.  If they are younger than about 10 years old then we recommend staying with them while they go through it.    But even if they are left alone, our office can still monitor their performance and if we see any peculiarities, then we will notify you. 

HTS Software (Hardware included)

    • Northwest Vision Development Center will provide all the hardware including glasses, and lens flippers.


    • Software user code will be included in instruction manual.


    • We will monitor your progress and contact you 5 weeks after your purchase to schedule a complimentary progress testing with our doctor. 
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