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Our Eye Doctor in Bellingham Is Now An Eyemed Provider.

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

For all patients in Bellingham, and surrounding areas of Whatcom County, Northwest Vision Development Center would like to announce that our Optometrist, Dr. Peter Charron is now an Eyemed Provider.

What is Eyemed?

Eyemed is not exactly insurance, but more of what is called a "Vision Care Plan" which covers some portions of the costs of your annual eye exams by your eye doctor, eyeglasses (including eyewear frames, lenses, and add ons like anti-reflective coatings, polarization, and photochromic technology) contact lens fittings and evaluation and any supply of contact lenses you might need for the year.

Eyemed usually does not cover medically related eye problems like conjunctivitis, "pink eye" or emergency eye appointments. It also does not usually cover vision therapy.

If you have Eyemed vision care plan, give Northwest Vision Development Center a call.

The phone number to our eye care office in Bellingham is (360) 393 4479

You can also schedule an eye appointment online at .

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